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You already know that I am in love with IT and technology. I know that I am great at this and I know that I am going to be able to help you. Whether you need tips, latest news or how-tos, I am here for you. I can help you with anything from iPads to iPhones, from cloud computing to virtualization and from viruses and security holes to Web 2.0.

frabz-Information-Technology-What-the-world-thinks-I-do-What-my-mom-th-929640You might want to ask me how I find so many things to blog about, but my side of the problem is completely different: how am I going to find the free time I need in order to cover all my blog ideas? When it comes to technology, there is so much to blog about, that you really need to be an ambitious, determined and passionate person in order to cover big parts of the field. It is not so big-of-a-deal for me to find a topic; my question is: does that topic cover one of your interests? I know that because I am a tech addict, I find everything related to technology as being interested and I sometimes forget that not everybody is ready to share my thoughts. However, I really expect my readers to find themselves in my way of thinking, so if you are not part of the group, it is much better for you to leave the space for someone who really wants to follow me.

I like to this that my ideas are present, that they are not out of date and that they are very useful for those who are not that experienced in the field of technology as I am. Even though a lot of people see technology as being something fixed, limited and exact, I see it as the most creative part of my life and I want to help people understand this. Technology is more important for us and for our lives than you can imagine. What would life now be without phones, computers, TVs, cars or planes? Of course, the list can continue and it is very important for you to understand that every single one of these items has technology included in one way or another. Technology is part of my life, but it is part of your life too. This is why you should not ignore its existence, as this would mean ignoring your existence as well. Don’t you think that I am right? I don’t want to be arrogant, but I really am right! Listen to a specialist talking about technology and follow the advice! I am that guy and I know that I can help you! Give my blog a chance, as I know for sure that you are going to fall in love with it. My life and your life are present in this blog, so it is clear why it deserves your attention. Don’t waste time anymore, as you are losing important, useful posts that can help you improve your life and better understand everything related to technology.


We are being hit by a 3rd e-commerce wave: the emotional e-commerce

Amazon is the site that dominated the first e-commerce wave. Back then, e-commerce was all about bringing commodity products on the internet. I think that the best name for this wave is Commodity Commerce. What is important for people to understand is that this commerce wave has the following fundamental principles: price, speed and selection. People are searching for big catalogs which can be delivered in a very short period of time at the best price rates on the market. You already know that you need certain products, you don’t have time for shopping in the mall, going at a drugstore or going to Walmart and the next best option is to place an online order for what you need and to wait for the products to be delivered. E-commerce represents nothing else but convenience shopping. If you already know what you are looking for, then you can easily find anything from books to clothes and from furniture to electronics. Amazon has hit the jackpot by understanding that it is wise to heavily invest in massive selection. This is how slowly, but steadily, the second e-commerce wave appeared.

The second e-commerce wave is a battle between giants. Apple, Amazon, Google, Netflix and others introduced the concept of digitizing the media. Digital Commerce was the new star in town.

The third wave is now ruling over e-commerce and everything related to online shopping. Digital commerce was heading towards a downfall and the emotional purchases were brought online. Do you need me to better explain this? Well, people offer special attention to home accessories, jewelry, fashion, art and furniture. When they invest in such items, they do it according to their personalities. This is why this e-commerce wave is called Emotional Commerce. Here are its principles:

  1. Exciting Products. You can’t win in emotional commerce if you don’t offer your clients merchandise they get excited about like say French meuble contemporain company Designfolia. They are searching for unique, original fresh products that their friends don’t have at home. It is all about creating the feeling of being ‘’one of a kind’’.
  2. Special Shopping Experiences. While Commodity Commerce was all about saving time and getting the shopping done in just a few minutes, Emotional Commerce is all about living the experience of each shopping session. The Emotional Commerce wants to bring the lively, attractive storefront experience on the internet. Emotional Commerce wants to offer fun shopping experiences, the thrill of finding something unique at a great price and discovering the so called ‘’retail therapy’’ with the help of modern devices. Shopping must be a fun experience that helps people relax and forget about their daily problems.
  3. Building a Brand. Success and winning in Emotional Commerce means building aspirational brands. People find something that they really like (a piece of furniture, for example) and as soon as they decide that they must have it, they also want to know whether or not that piece of furniture is being sold by a solid brand. Even though people love being associated with big brands such as Apple or Target, they are also interested in having a good customer- brand relationship and they are searching for something edgy, inspirational and modern. This is why all the brands that are planning to stay in the top need to have a lot of patience with their customers. A customer is not going to buy furniture from you from the very first encounter with your brand. Treat that customer very well and he or she will return after having tested other brands too. The key is on you; you just need to learn how to turn the path towards you.

Why you should listen to me

I started this blog because, as you already know, I am in love with technology. This is what I do for a living and this is what I do during my free time, as I am passionate about it. I can say that technology is my life, which gives me the freedom to also say that you can trust me in numerous tech related problems. I am always informed and I always have an answer to any tech related question, which means that I can help you solve any problem you might have. I am sick of all the horrible blogs written by people who have nothing to do and who start stealing ideas from other bloggers. You should not trust these guys, as it is crystal clear that they have nothing to do with technology, they are not passionate about it and their only intention is to make some easy money. You can easily differentiate these people from guys like me helped by the tone that they use, their posts, the quality of their posts and the things they choose to discuss about. I am confident and optimistic about the fact that these people are soon going to be eliminated, one by one, by you, the readers! Don’t give them credit, as you are losing your time with people who don’t deserve your attention. I might sound cocky now, but there is one thing that I need to tell you: you should all direct your attention towards people like me, people who understand technology, people who invest a lot of their free time in research in order to improve the products we already have on the market and to release some better ones!



I like to think of myself that I am a blogger who knows what he is talking about and I am absolutely sure that you are going to observe this too! Very soon! I just need to have a little bit of patience until my readers will start trusting me, but I know that the moment is soon going to appear. I know that I can shape the future of technology and when I say this, I really mean it. If you need tips, troubleshooting help, news or how-tos, then I am the right person for you! You might say that I live in a virtual world, but it is the place where I feel comfortable and relaxed and I should not be judged for that! This is what I am interested in and this is what I want to do from now on. I feel very satisfied with myself and my life and I don’t think that you should interfere in this! Just let me do my thing (as I am good at it) and if you don’t like what I am writing, you can feel free to leave my page and to search for another one. Luckily for you, the internet is packed with blogs and bloggers (but most of them are not as talented as I am!).